Central Florida car accident attorney-Allan Ziffra- on Florida Insurance Law

Central Florida car accident attorney-Allan Ziffra- on Florida Insurance Law
August 18, 2009

As an experienced and tenured personal injury law firm that has successfully represented thousands of automobile and motorcycle accident victims, the lawyers at Rue & Ziffra have seen many clients seek their assistance subsequent to the client’s insurance company having claimed that there had been a prior cancellation of coverage which precludes any and all disbursement of benefits. However, in a surprising number of such incidents, the insurance company unjustifiably denies the insured party coverage. How does this happen? Well, it is not at all an infrequent occurrence that there was an ineffective cancellation of the insurance policy in question that prohibits the insurance carrier from denying the insured benefits under the terms of the applicable policy.

 Florida laws are quite specific in the context of canceling an automobile insurance policy. Specifically, no notice of cancellation of a policy shall be effective unless it is based on one or more of the following grounds: 1) nonpayment of premium, 2) material misrepresentation or fraud, and/or 3) the driver’s license or motor vehicle registration of the named insured or of any other operator who either resides in the same household or customarily operates an automobile insured under the policy has been under suspension or revocation during the policy period or the 180 days immediately preceding its effective date. Furthermore, no notice of cancellation of a policy shall be effective unless mailed or delivered by the insurer to the named insured and to the named insured’s insurance agent at least 45 days prior to the effective date of cancellation. However, when the cancellation is attributable to the nonpayment of premium, at least 10 days’ notice of cancellation is all that is required. Also, no notice of cancellation of a policy shall be effective unless the reason(s) for cancellation accompany the cancellation notice.

Regarding the nonrenewal of an automobile liability insurance policy, unless a written explanation for refusal to renew accompanies the carrier’s notice of intention not to renew, the policy shall remain in full force and effect. Moreover, no insurer shall fail to renew a policy unless it mails or delivers to the named insured and to the named insured’s insurance agent its notice of intention not to renew with at least 45 days notice, accompanied by the reasons for refusal to renew. However, this does not apply in the case of nonpayment of premium.

It is all too common an occurrence for insurance companies to deny coverage due to alleged policy cancellation when in fact the insured’s policy was never sufficiently extinguished. It is critical for you to seek experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel in the event you sustain injuries of any kind in an automobile accident. The attorneys at Rue & Ziffra routinely deal with complex issues of insurance coverage and are oftentimes successful in establishing coverage in cases where our clients either did not know or were unsure whether such coverage was available. To speak to one of our attorneys about your prospective injury case, call our law offices at 1-800-526-4711 or visit their website at www.RueZiffra.com.

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DHS Announces 11 Previously Unreported Deaths In Immigration Detention

DHS Announces 11 Previously Unreported Deaths In Immigration Detention
Announcement Prompted By ACLU Lawsuit.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 NEW YORK – Prompted by an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit seeking previously unreleased documents related to the deaths of immigration detainees in U.S. custody, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials today revealed 11 deaths that have occurred at detention facilities since 2004 that the government had previously failed to publicly disclose.

In April, in response to the ACLU lawsuit which was filed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), DHS officials released what they called a comprehensive list of all deaths in detention that included a total of 90 individuals. With today’s announcement, the government has now admitted to a total of 104 in-custody deaths since fiscal year 2003.

“Today’s announcement confirms our very worst fears” said David Shapiro, staff attorney with the ACLU National Prison Project. “For too long, the system of detaining immigration detainees has been devoid of transparency and accountability. This forces us to question even further whether there are still more deaths that somehow have gone unaccounted for”

The ACLU sued DHS, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the DHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in June 2008 for failing to turn over thousands of public documents in their possession relating to the deaths of immigration detainees held in U.S. custody. The ACLU filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after repeated failures by DHS officials to release those documents in response to requests by the ACLU for critical information about the deaths of dozens of people in immigration detention.

In a FOIA request submitted by the ACLU to DHS in 2007, the ACLU sought information about whether ICE – or any independent monitoring agency – adequately tracks deaths of immigration detainees, who are often housed in county jails around the country alongside criminal detainees, or in one of numerous immigration detention facilities managed by private prison companies.

OIG reports to Congress prior to the ACLU’s FOIA request contained only vague and sporadic references to investigations into these deaths. Additionally, the reports provided little useful information that would assure the public that meaningful investigations are conducted into each death and that steps are being taken to guarantee that detainees receive necessary medical services before it is too late.

Deficient medical care is believed to be a leading cause of death in immigration detention, and is the number one complaint the ACLU has received from ICE detainees. The ACLU filed a lawsuit in 2007 against the San Diego Correctional Facility (SDCF), an ICE facility run by Corrections Corporations of America, Inc. (CCA), the country’s largest for-profit correctional services provider. In its lawsuit, the ACLU challenges flawed medical care policies and the denial of needed treatment by ICE and the Division of Immigration Health Services which has led to suffering and even death of detainees at SDCF.

Attorneys working on ACLU’s FOIA litigation include David Shapiro of the ACLU National Prison Project, Judy Rabinovitz of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, New York-based attorneys Benjamin R. Walker and Margaret K. Winterkorn-Meikle and Washington-based attorneys Margaret K. Pfeiffer and Lee Ann Anderson McCall.

Additional information about the ACLU National Prison Project is available online at: www.aclu.org/prison

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Foy R. Devine Joins Taylor English Law Firm

Foy R. Devine Joins Taylor English Law Firm

Taylor English Duma LLP is proud to announce that Foy R. Devine will assume an “of counsel” position with the firm, effective August 2009.

Aug 18, 2009 – Taylor English Duma LLP is proud to announce that Foy R. Devine will assume an “of counsel” position with the firm, effective August 2009.

“Foy is an accomplished litigator in the areas of catastrophic personal injury and product related injuries,” says Scott L. Duma, Managing Partner. “We look forward to having his expertise in Taylor English’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice group.”

With an extensive background in civil trial work, Devine is an expert in catastrophic personal injury and death cases arising out of product related injuries. Prior to joining Taylor English, he was managing member of Doffermyre, Shields, Canfield, Knowles & Devine, L.L.C., where he specialized in personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability and business litigation in state and federal courts. Devine has also been consistently named a Georgia Super Lawyer for several years.

“My goal is to provide excellent service to existing clients and develop new opportunities for the firm, specifically complex business litigation,” Devine says. “I look forward to working with this collection of terrific legal talent at Taylor English and providing a full range of legal services to clients. This is a great opportunity for me to expand my horizons.”

About Taylor English Duma LLP:
Taylor English Duma LLP is a full service law firm that provides high quality legal services. Founded in 2005, the firm provides an array of legal services at a fraction of the cost. Areas of practice include Employment, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and Estate Planning. Taylor English represents all types of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups to individuals. Past clients include AFC Enterprises, Inc., Natural Body Spa and Shoppe, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc., Verizon Communications, Inc.and WellStar Health System. The firm has grown from 14 attorneys in 2005 to over 60 attorneys in 2009.

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Alleged International Hacker Indicted for Massive Attack on U.S. Retail and Banking Networks

Alleged International Hacker Indicted for Massive Attack on U.S. Retail and Banking Networks

In a two-count indictment alleging conspiracy and conspiracy to engage in wire fraud, Gonzalez, AKA “segvec,” “soupnazi” and “j4guar17,” is charged, along with two unnamed co-conspirators, with using a sophisticated hacking technique called an “SQL injection attack,” which seeks to exploit computer networks by finding a way around the network’s firewall to steal credit and debit card information.


(Media-Newswire.com) – WASHINGTON – Albert Gonzalez, 28, of Miami, Fla., was indicted today for conspiring to hack into computer networks supporting major American retail and financial organizations, and stealing data relating to more than 130 million credit and debit cards, announced Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division Lanny A. Breuer, Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey Ralph J. Marra Jr. and U.S. Secret Service Assistant Director for Investigations Michael Merritt.

In a two-count indictment alleging conspiracy and conspiracy to engage in wire fraud, Gonzalez, AKA “segvec,” “soupnazi” and “j4guar17,” is charged, along with two unnamed co-conspirators, with using a sophisticated hacking technique called an “SQL injection attack,” which seeks to exploit computer networks by finding a way around the network’s firewall to steal credit and debit card information. Among the corporate victims named in the indictment are Heartland Payment Systems, a New Jersey-based card payment processor; 7-Eleven Inc., a Texas-based nationwide convenience store chain; and Hannaford Brothers Co. Inc., a Maine-based supermarket chain.

The indictment, which details the largest alleged credit and debit card data breach ever charged in the United States, alleges that beginning in October 2006, Gonzalez and his co-conspirators researched the credit and debit card systems used by their victims; devised a sophisticated attack to penetrate their networks and steal credit and debit card data; and then sent that data to computer servers they operated in California, Illinois, Latvia, the Netherlands and Ukraine. The indictment also alleges Gonzalez and his co-conspirators also used sophisticated hacker techniques to cover their tracks and to avoid detection by anti-virus software used by their victims.

If convicted, Gonzalez faces up to 30 years in prison on the wire fraud conspiracy charge and an additional five years in prison on the conspiracy charge, as well as a fine of $250,000 for each charge.

Gonzalez is currently in federal custody. In May 2008, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York charged Gonzalez for his alleged role in the hacking of a computer network run by a national restaurant chain. Trial on those charges is scheduled to begin in Long Island, N.Y., in September 2009.

In August of 2008, the Justice Department announced an additional series of indictments against Gonzalez and others for a number of retail hacks affecting eight major retailers and involving the theft of data related to 40 million credit cards. Those charges were filed in the District of Massachusetts. Gonzalez is scheduled for trial on those charges in 2010.

The charges announced today relate to a different pattern of hacking activity that targeted different corporate victims and involved different co-conspirators.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Erez Lieberman and Seth Kosto for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey and by Senior Counsel Kimberly Kiefer Peretti of the Criminal Division’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section. The case is being investigated by the U.S. Secret Service.


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Michael G. Sawaya, Esq. Inducted into Exclusive Professional Registry

Michael G. Sawaya, Esq. Inducted into Exclusive Professional Registry
Michael G. Sawaya, Managing Partner of Sawaya, Rose, Kaplan, Wilkinson & McClure, P.C., is committed to serving the “common man” –

Denver, CO, September 9, 2009 — Michael G. Sawaya, Esq., Managing Partner of Sawaya, Rose, Kaplan, Wilkinson & McClure, P.C., has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in legal services.

Having been in law practice for over 34 years, Michael G. Sawaya is recognized for his commitment to serving the public. “My career began in an era when a widely varied practice and daily courtroom appearances were common,” he said. “I saw how difficult it was for my own family to find attorneys to work with and dedicated my practice to the legal affairs of the ordinary man.” Through his study under notable lawyers and judges, Mr. Sawaya became versatile in his skills and learned how to perform the functions of both counselor and courtroom advocate. In 1997, he started The Sawaya Law Firm with one partner. In the proceeding 32 years, the firm has grown to include 14 lawyers and over 80 experienced professionals actively involved in public education of injury law related matters. Sawaya, Rose, Kaplan, Wilkinson & McClure, P.C. is actively involved in the legal matters of United States veterans and has conducted extensive public education for driver’s safely. Currently, the firm is working to establish a charity through which it will be able to provide services to the community. This reflects Mr. Sawaya’s mission to give to others what he has been generously given.

AV Rated by the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings, Mr. Sawaya is practiced in the fields of business transaction, real estate, dissolution of marriage, security litigation and civil litigation. Specializing in personal injury litigation, Mr. Sawaya holds a JD from Texas Tech University School of Law, from where he graduated summa cum laude. He also holds a bachelor of arts in sociology from Colorado College, a bachelor of arts in economics from the University of Colorado Denver, and has studied neurolinguistic programming advanced communication techniques to the master level. He continues to teach and study advanced trial techniques and is affiliated with the Colorado Bar Association, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, Phi Kappa Phi and American Association for Social Justice. He is also the author of Turbulence In the River, Reclaiming Your Spiritual Birthright.

Of his firm, Mr. Sawaya says “We work to ensure that injured people receive the medical care and financial compensation they need and deserve. If you have suffered an injury, if you are disabled and cannot work, or if a family member died in an accident because of negligence, we want to hear your story.” The Sawaya Law Firm provides legal services pertaining to motor vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, birth injuries, premises liability, slip and fall injuries, social security disability, veteran disability benefits, insurance, products liability, dangerous medicines, brain injuries, burns and explosions and wrongful death. For more information about Sawaya, Rose, Kaplan, Wilkinson & McClure, P.C., visit http://www.sawayalaw.com.

About Cambridge Who’s Who

Cambridge Who’s Who is an exclusive membership organization that recognizes and empowers executives, professionals and entrepreneurs throughout the world. From healthcare to law, engineering to finance, manufacturing to education, every major industry is represented by its 400,000 active members.

Cambridge Who’s Who membership provides individuals with a valuable third party endorsement of their accomplishments and gives them the tools needed to brand themselves and their businesses effectively. In addition to publishing biographies in print and electronic form, Cambridge Who’s Who offers an online networking platform where members can establish new business relationships and achieve career advancement within their company, industry or profession.

For more information, please visit our site: Cambridge Who’s Who.

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Brian A. Witherite contends Fort Worth police used excessive force killing Taser victim

Dallas wrongful death attorney-Brian A. Witherite contends Fort Worth police used excessive force, killed Taser victim

Dallas, Texas — The use of a Taser stun gun has taken another life and Texas taser injury lawyer, Brian A. Eberstein of the Dallas personal injury law firm of Eberstein & Witherite, LLP, has filed a lawsuit naming the City of Fort Worth and Fort Worth Police Department officer at fault.

Eberstein, who represents the family of Michael Patrick Jacobs, Jr., asserts the use of excessive force was used when the 24-year old, mentally challenged victim suffered multiple electrical shots from the Taser gun on April 18, 2009.

The family had placed calls to the local police department in the past to help control Michael when he would experience severe outbursts, but this particular instance turned fatal. As per official court documents filed on behalf of the family in the Fort Worth division of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth police officers dispensed a 49 second continuous shock of 50,000 volts to the non combative, mentally disabled young man while in his home.

The Tarrant County Medical Department ruled Michael’s death a homicide. Backing up that statement, the family’s personal injury attorney argues the Fort Worth Police Department displayed excessive force with a Taser gun, violating the victim’s Constitutional rights.

According to a news report, “Officer Phillips, a corporal with the department, shocked Michael, with a Taser for 49 seconds and then administered an additional 5 second shock after a 1 second interval. Michael was lying face down on the ground with his hands across his chest for some 49 seconds while the officer continued to administer the continuous electrical shock of 50,000 volts.”

Witherite says the unnecessary attack was clearly a gross negligence by law enforcement, and added that the City of Fort Worth failed to train their staff on the proper use of Tasers, as there have been three prior cases of death by Taser reported.

If you or someone you love has been injured by excessive force from a police officer with a stun gun, it is imperative that you contact Texas personal injury lawyer, Brian A. Eberstein to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Media Contact: Brian A. Eberstein, a Texas personal injury attorney


Toll Free: 1-888-407-6669
Law Office of Eberstein & Witherite
3100 Monticello, Suite 500
Dallas, Texas 75205

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William Garvey HPI Products Sentenced for Environmental Crimes

William Garvey of HPI Products Sentenced for Environmental Crimes
Company Dumped Pesticide Waste Water into Public Sewers

WASHINGTON—William Garvey, the president of HPI Products Inc., a pesticide company based in St. Joseph, Mo., was sentenced today in federal court in Kansas City, Mo., for violations of the Clean Water Act and hazardous waste storage laws related to the company’s pesticide production, the Justice Department announced.

Garvey was sentenced to serve six months in prison, six months of home confinement and was ordered to pay a $100,000 fine for having disposed of pesticide waste water down the sewers of the city of St. Joseph. Sentencing for the company was delayed by the court.

Garvey pleaded guilty on Jan. 27, 2009, to a felony violation of the Clean Water Act for disposing of the pesticide waste. The company pleaded guilty on the same day to the same violation of the Clean Water Act as well as a felony violation of the hazardous waste storage laws.

According to court documents, HPI Products maintained warehouses at various locations in St. Joseph where it stored wastes from its operations for years without notifying the proper regulatory agencies. Many of the stored wastes were considered hazardous based upon their ingredients or their characteristics. In addition, HPI employees under Garvey’s supervision disposed of waste waters from the production of pesticides down floor drains and into the city of St. Joseph’s sewers for several years without permit.

“Compliance with our regulatory requirements is essential if we are to protect the environment,” said John C. Cruden, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division. “This company and its president obtained an economic advantage over its competitors by violating the law and placing the environment and the public safety at risk. That is unacceptable.”

“By routinely violating federal safeguards for nearly 20 years, this company threatened the environment and put at risk the health and safety of the community,” said Matt Whitworth, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri. “When doing ‘business as usual’ means breaking the law, we will prosecute the offenders and hold them accountable for their actions.”

In a related case, Hans Nielsen, vice president of HPI Products, pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of violating federal pesticides law designed to provide proper regulatory oversight and prevent improper storage of pesticides.

HPI began production of pesticides in 1980 at 417 S. 4th Street in St. Joseph. From the beginning HPI would wash its waste waters from pesticide production down floor drains and into the city’s sewers. HPI expanded its operations to 424 S. 8th Street in 1986. It eventually relocated and consolidated its operations to 222 Sylvanie Street in 1990. Its practice of using the city’s sewer system for disposal continued at all locations until EPA and Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) inspections in 2007.

In addition the two former HPI facilities and three other locations in St. Joseph were used as warehouses to store pesticides and process waste it didn’t dump into sewers. The pesticides and wastes were left for years in unmaintained buildings without the proper notification to state and federal authorities.

When authorities did discover the warehouses many of the containers were found to have leaked or spilled onto the warehouse floors and ground underneath the warehouses. Samples taken at the storage facilities indicated many of the containers held hazardous wastes. The buildings have been cleaned up by HPI under an EPA order. Further investigation of pollution of the soil around the building is pending.

The investigation was conducted by the EPA Criminal Investigation Division and MDNR. The case is being prosecuted by the Justice Department’s Environmental Crimes Section with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Missouri.


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Drunk driving car accidents claim many lives this Labor Day weekend

Drunk driving car accidents in Texas will claim many lives this Labor Day weekend
Victims can fight back with a drunk driving accident lawyer or auto accident attorney who can gain compensation in the legal arena.

Houston, Texas — September, 8, 2009 — This Labor Day weekend, millions of Americans will celebrate having an extra day of leisure. Sadly, many will celebrate too much. They will drink – too much – and then drive. And they’ll kill up to 300 other Americans, or as many as died on the three-day July 4 weekend. For families of such victims, the only solace may be pressing for damages via a drunk driving lawyer or car accident attorney.

America’s ongoing DUI carnage is why law enforcement officials nationwide, including the Texas Department of Public Safety, are gearing up for increased vigilance on roads and highways for the long Labor Day weekend. They know it’s inevitable that many will be killed by drunk drivers in that time, but hope that through checkpoints and other vigilance they can limit the loss.

How significant is America’s loss to drunk driving? In financial terms, it’s untold billions of dollars. But strictly in terms of human loss — and not counting the millions who suffer injury in drunk driving car accidents — the nation suffered 11,000 DUI car accident fatalities in 2008 alone.

Though annual drunk driving death totals have declined in recent years, 11,000 deaths is still a staggering tragedy. To place it in a broader historical perspective, since 1982 more than half a million Americans have died due to drunk drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Those half a million DUI deaths since 1982 dwarf — by 150,000 — the number of Americans killed in every war since World War II. And all such deaths could have been prevented if people did not drink and drive.

Yet this enormous and relentless national catastrophe often flies below the radar on most news reports. Drunk driving car accidents are so continual that they become a fact of life – or just another statistic to those who aren’t directly involved. But to the nation as a whole, DUI deaths remain an alarming reality, which requires ever greater counter actions.

“After a drunk driving death or injury, victims or their families at least have a legal recourse” says a Jim Adler & Associates (www.JimAdler.com) spokesperson. “Obviously legal representation in of itself cannot undue the loss and hardship families face after a drunk driving accident, but engaging a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced Texas drunk driving car accident lawyer with zero tolerance for drunk drivers is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, with law enforcement’s zero tolerance policy combined with the knowledge of attorneys ready to support victims can help stem a disturbing tide, which must be stopped” he further adds.

About Jim Adler & Associates
Jim S. Adler & Associates is a Texas personal injury law firm with offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Channelview. Adler personal injury lawyers and attorneys have fought for Texans’ legal rights since 1973.

Contact Information:
Jim S. Adler & Associates
3/D International Tower
1900 West Loop South, 20th Floor
Houston, TX 77027

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Auto Insurance Act Affects Wisconsin Personal Injury Law Firm Eisenberg Law

Auto Insurance Act Affects Wisconsin Personal Injury Law Firm Eisenberg Law

2009 Wisconsin Act 28 contains a number of provisions that expand options for personal injury settlements and change the state’s auto insurance restrictions and coverage minimums. This Act impacts Wisconsin personal injury law firm, Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C., which has won millions in personal injury settlements for its clients. Eisenberg’s personal injury attorneys speculate that this new Act will increase some settlement amounts significantly.

Madison, WI, September 02, 2009 — Signed into law on June 29, the Wisconsin state budget for 2009-2011 (2009 Wisconsin Act 28) contains a number of provisions that expand options for personal injury settlements and change the state’s auto insurance restrictions and coverage minimums. This Act impacts Wisconsin personal injury law firm, Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C., which has won millions in personal injury settlements for its clients. Eisenberg’s personal injury attorneys speculate that this new Act will increase some settlement amounts significantly. This new legislation also makes liability and underinsured motorist insurance mandatory for Wisconsin drivers.

Section 3171 of the Act allows injured policy holders to access the full benefit of their own insurance plan, prohibiting insurance companies from deducting the amount of insurance carried by the negligent driver in the accident. In addition, health insurance companies cannot deny coverage for medical care if medical expense coverage is included in one’s auto insurance. The result being that injured individuals may have access to a greater amount of financial coverage for medical costs due to injuries.

“These new laws are extremely important for people injured in car accidents as they can have a big impact on the settlement an injured person may be eligible to receive,” said Steve Eisenberg, Wisconsin personal injury attorney and one of the founders of Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C., of Madison, Wisconsin. “You need a lawyer that understands the new laws and how to maximize your recovery.”

The budget also mandates that insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage for hit-and-run accidents because physical contact did not occur. This gives injured drivers access to uninsured motorist coverage if they can provide independent, third party evidence of the accident.

New minimum coverage amounts have been set for auto liability insurance, requiring that policies must cover “$50,000 because of bodily injury to or death of one person in any one accident and $100,000 because of bodily injury or death of two or more persons in any one accident, and $15,000 because of injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident.”

Other changes include the requirement of all liability policies to include underinsured motorist coverage if at least $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident. Along with the new insurance mandate is the repeal of a 14-year-old law that banned insured drivers from stacking auto insurance policy limits for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C. provides superior representation in Wisconsin personal injury, criminal defense, family and divorce, drunk driving, and civil litigation cases. They have over 25 years of experience representing injured victims of auto, truck and other vehicle collisions and have won millions for their clients in Wisconsin personal injury cases.


Contact Information
Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C.
Pam M. Baumgartner

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Best Lawyers in America Again Lauds Houston Lawyer Mark Lanier

Best Lawyers in America Again Lauds Houston Lawyer Mark Lanier

The Best Lawyers in America, the most respected peer-review publication in the legal field, once again has chosen Houston lawyer Mark Lanier as one of the nation’s top attorneys. Lanier is honored for his work in mass tort litigation in the 2010 edition of The Best Lawyers in America list.

Attorneys are selected for the Best Lawyers in America list after a rigorous, thorough peer-review survey. 2.8 million confidential evaluations of lawyers by their peers form the basis for the 2010 edition of Best Lawyers in America. The full list can be viewed at www.bestlawyers.com.

“I am very honored that attorneys from all over the country think enough my work to include my name in such a well-respected publication,” says Mr. Lanier, founder and lead litigation counsel for The Lanier Law Firm.

No stranger to public recognition, Mr. Lanier has been selected for The Best Lawyers in America for five consecutive years. The annual Texas Super Lawyers listing has also tapped him as one of the top ten attorneys practicing in Texas. Other honors Mr. Lanier has received include “top Texas personal injury attorney” in Texas Lawyer newspaper’s “Go-To Guide,” and “top 10 U.S. trial attorney” and “100 Most Influential Lawyers in America” designations from The National Law Journal.

“When the people you go up against in court are willing to write down your name as one of the top lawyers in the country, it reminds you why you put in all the long hours to make sure your clients are cared for in every case,” Mr. Lanier says about his Best Lawyers in America award.

About the Lanier Law Firm
With offices in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Houston and New York, The Lanier Law Firm is committed to addressing client concerns with effective and innovative solutions in courtrooms across the country. The firm is composed of trial attorneys with decades of experience handling cases involving pharmaceutical liability, asbestos exposure, intellectual property, business litigation, product liability, toxic exposure and maritime law.

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